CCME Receives NIH Grant to Develop 3D Tissue Chips that Mimic Human Joints

Dr. Rocky Tuan and our team of researchers have been awarded an NIH/NCATS award to develop a micro tissue model of a human articular joint.  The award is a... View »

TERMIS-EU: Dr. Tuan wins The Davos Debate

Invited to oppose the house motion, Dr. Tuan partnered with... View »

Congratulations Bev!

... View »

Congratulations to Alessandro!

Alessandro Pirosa won the Best Presentation and travel award at Bridgeside Research Forum 2016.

Congratulations, Alessandro, way to go!

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Dr. Tuan named for Society of Biomaterials 2016 Clemson Award

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Dr. Tuan recognized with the Carnegie Life Science Award

Dr. Rocky S. Tuan named trustee of his Alma Mater

Rocky S. Tuan and Betty H. Oliger were elected to the Board of Trustees of Berea College at the Board's April meeting. Both are alumni of Berea... View »

Mitch won first prize at Residents' Research Day. Congrats!

Congratulations to Mitchell Fourman for his presentation and capacity of talk about his data even when the projector went off. Good job winning the first prize at Residents' Research Day of the... View »

Congrats to Riccardo for his ORS talk

Congratulations to Dr. Riccardo Gottardi for his ORS talk on "An in vitro Chondro-Osteo-Vascular Triphasic Model of the Osteochondral Complex for Studying Osteochondral Biology and Drug... View »

ORS microtissue workshop

Superb attendance at the closing day workshop organized by Dr. Rocky Tuan on "3-Dimensional Human Tissue Models to Study Musculoskeletal Physiology and Pathophysiology".

The panel included... View »

Ben's talk at ORS

Congratulations to Ben's Rothrauff's for his talk at ORS on "Thermoresponsive photocrosslinkable hydrogel derived from decellularized tendon and cartilage extracellular matrices" that was... View »

Great CCME showing at ORS

Good representation of CCME lab members at the Orthopaedic Research Society annual meetig in Orlando, FL, with 6 posters, 2 podium presentations, and a workshop promoted and chaired by Dr. Rocky... View »

Good placing at the Big Idea Competion for Yangzi Jiang - good job!

Lab member Yangzi Jiang participated in the annual Pittsburgh Randall Family Big Idea Competition in a team... View »

Good luck to Luca!

Best of luck to Luca who finished his visiting period at CCME and is now back in Italy to complete his PhD!

Great having you with us, good job!... View »

Congratulations to Heidi for a great PhD defense

Congratulations to Heidi for her PhD defense.

Heidi's PhD thesis was focused on "Traumatized muscle-deried multipotent progenitor cells: pro-angiogenic activity, promotion of nerve growth,... View »