Riccardo Gottardi

Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor
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Postdoctoral Ri.MED Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

PhD – Biomedical Electronics (Engineering), University of Genova

MSc (LS) – Applied Physics, University of Pisa

BSc (LM) - Physics, University of Pisa


Research Interest

I am interested in exploring the development 3D organoid models to study musculoskeletal tissues and their interaction in health and disease with the endocrine, vascular and immune system, to better understand the mechanisms of tissues crosstalk and for drug screening and predictive toxicology.

Currently, I am focusing on sex specific endocrine changes and their effects on cartilage-bone interactions. Furthermore, I am also developing advanced osteochondral models to study the effects of microgravity on bone loss and cartilage damage thanks to a grant sponsored by CASIS.


In the long term, I am developing novel, 3D printing based micro-bioreactors for more rapid, real-time monitoring of cellular processes using cells with reporter genes, to identify cellular targets for treatment and to learn how to guide regenerative therapies.


  • PhD


  • Iris Klarman Women’s Health Fellowship Award from the Foundation for Women’s Wellness
  • Ri.MED Foundation postdoctoral fellowship
  • Bridgeside Research Forum - Best Presentation Award.
  • First prize at the Penn Orthopaedics 2015 Cartilage Repair Symposium.
  • Travel Award to attend AAOS/CORR/ORS/CMH-UCD/SWHR Musculoskeletal Sex Differences Throughout the Lifespan Research Symposium
  • Travel Award for Best Poster at the annual University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Association Symposium
  • Scholarship for the course “From Benchtop to Bedside: what every scientist needs to know”
  • Travel fellowship for the Annual Meeting of the International Cartilage Repair Society 2010, Sitges, Spain
  • First prize at the Ninth International Summer School on Biophysics “Supramolecular Structure and Function”, Rovinj, Croatia
  • Scholarship for the Ninth International Summer School on Biophysics “Supramolecular Structure and Function”, Rovinj, Croatia
  • “Young Researcher” PhD scholarship (ex DM198/2003) awarded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • Socrates/Erasmus scholarship awarded by the University of Pisa for a year abroad at the Université de Orsay, Paris XI